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About Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are a simple and stylish blind choice. Consisting of a single piece of fabric wrapped around an interior casing, Roller Blinds fit at the top of your window frame and can be fixed either inside or outside the recess of your window.

Roller Blinds can be opened and closed manually using a pull cord or remotely using motorised control options. The amount of light can be controlled by using either Sheer Roller Blinds or Blackout Roller Blinds.

Coming in a large range of styles and fabrics, Roller Blinds are a great asset to any room, are especially useful in small spaces, and look great paired with Curtains.

Colour, Print & Fabric Choices

At Loughrea Curtain & Blind Centre we stock a huge range of colours, prints and fabrics for your Made-To-Measure Blinds.
Our suppliers use high quality materials which have many benefits such as privacy, energy efficiency and UV protection.

Check out some examples below. The full range can be found in store.

Measure, Make & Fit Service

Learn more about our Made-To-Measure process here at Loughrea Curtain & Blind Centre.

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