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About Ready Made Curtains

Ready Made Curtains, as the name suggests, are curtains you can purchase in a range of pre-made sizes.

Ready-Made curtain sizes are depicted by their pole width, and drop length. We can help you in store decide what the best fit is for your windows.

Ready Made Curtains are a convenient, budget friendly yet stylish curtain choice.

Product Range

At Loughrea Curtain & Blind Centre we stock a large range of Ready Made Curtains that will suit almost all window sizes.
The full product range can be found in store.

Why Choose Ready Made Curtains?

  • Budget friendly solution.
  • Can quickly bring a new feel or style to your room or space.
  • Need to cover a window quick – Ready Mades could be a good option for you.
  • Come in a wide range of stylish designs.

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