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About Pleated Blinds

Pleated Blinds (also know as Honeycomb Blinds) offer soft, subtle light control for your home.

The unique honeycomb shape in a Pleated Blind are a great energy saver. A Pleated Blind can help reduce your heating bill by trapping heat inside during the winter months and will can your room cooler during the summer months.

Pleated Blinds are super versatile. If you choose a Top Down / Botton Up style you can positioned at any point on the window or door, controlling the amount of light and privacy you want at any time of the day.

Pleated Blinds are available at Loughrea Curtain & Blind Centre in a range of colours, textures and transparencies,

Colour and Style Choices

At Loughrea Curtain & Blind Centre we stock a huge range of colours for your Made-To-Measure Blinds.
Our suppliers use high quality materials which have many benefits such as privacy, energy efficiency and UV protection.
The full range can be found in store

Measure, Make & Fit Service

Learn more about our Made-To-Measure process here at Loughrea Curtain & Blind Centre.

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